Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Safari With Talitha

Tucker thought going boogie boarding with Talitha was the greatest thing!  He love telling her how to do it and explaining things to her.  I thought about going but the water still feels cold to me.  I was pretty happy relaxing on the sand watching everyone.

 We spent one day at the Safari park.  This time we saw a tiger going in the water.  The people around made it seem like that is pretty rare.
 Talitha bought Leon this tiger toy and he was pretty obsessed with it.  He insisted it be in this picture.
 And this one.
 She even let them do the squished penny thing.  They had fun with the crank.
 Afterwards we headed to the cupcake shop.  They were out of a few flavors but my blood orange cupcake was delicious.

I was tired by the time we finished so I drove home (about a mile) and rested while Talitha walked the kids home.  It is nice to have a visitor.

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Talitha said...

It was fun for me too! I'm so far behind I'm just reading these blogs from 2 weeks ago! Miss you all already!