Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

Going to a pumpkin patch in fall has become a family tradition.  I still haven't found the perfect farm so we have gone to several different ones over the years.  The one we went to this year was not my favorite but we still had fun.

This little picture set up was cute.
The face painting was outstanding.  The people painting faces were part of some kind of art class so they did a really good job.
Penelope's cupcake was really good, and she loved it.  But by the time I took the second picture she was mad because I told her we weren't going to wait in the long line to go on the swing.
They had a band playing blue grass type music and a couple of food vendors.  We tried the brick oven pizza.  It was good but the only toppings were kale and squash, and once it cooled off in about 3 minutes it wasn't very good at all.  It was fun to try though.  I'm not sure what face Scarlett and Bob are making in this next picture. :)
After lunch we went to pick out pumpkins.  There was a very long line to pay for them and not very many pumpkins left.  Maybe you have to come very early to get a good pumpkin.  We ended up leaving and driving to walmart where everyone picked out their own $5 pumpkin.  Next year I want to do another corn maze, and maybe try a pumpkin patch with more things for the kids to do.

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