Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rock Stacks

About once a week in the afternoon a guy rides his bike to the rocks on the beach and starts stacking them.  We can clearly see them from our windows and the kids love to watch him.  At first we would randomly look outside and see these amazing rock stacks, often five or six rocks tall.  We had no idea who built them.  But more and more lately we've been lucky to see the same guy stacking them.  He takes about 15 minutes to stack a few up and then he hops back on his bike and rides away.
I think it is so cool!  The kids and I make sure to steer clear of them because we don't want to be the ones to knock them down.  That, and I am terrified they will fall on their toes and break their feet.  Someone always knocks them down though.  They usually last 1-3 days.  
It seems like a fun little hobby.  Maybe one day I'll challenge the kids to a rock stack off.

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