Tuesday, November 15, 2016


We went to Legoland!  Getting out of the car and walking up the kids were so excited.  They seemed more excited than when we went to Disneyland last year!
We got there a little early and they had two rides open. One was a boat ride that showed off lego creations.  Leon thought he was going to get sprayed by water but he didn't.
The Taj MaSmall.

The kids got to meet Kia from Ninjago.  Leon thought he was too scary to stand next to.  He later ran up and touched him and then ran back.
This driving ride was probably one of Leon's favorites.  He was super into it.  He was leaning forward and turning the wheel back and forth nonstop.  It was pretty cute especially because of how slow he was going.
We took a slefie while waiting to go on a ride.  The kids were able to go on most rides and we only had to do a rider swap a couple times.  It was great!
I have to post this one because once they started going up Scarlett started getting really scared.  She cried and did not like it.
Tucker on the other hand got upset about this boat ride.  He said Penelope wasn't a good driver.  They were taking turns steering.
Lots of fun lego sculptures.
While on this pirate ride the kids were worried about getting wet.  I thought we would be fine but some of us ended up getting soaked.

They still had Halloween decorations up when we went so we stopped for a few pictures.
I have lots more of Legoland to share tomorrow!

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