Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Trick-Or-Treating was amazing this year!  The kids were all excited and I love going out in 70 degree weather!  It is so much easier when we don't have to worry about planning warm and waterproof costumes.

We didn't have an exact theme like we do some years.  We just tried to go for classic spooky costumes, and then I let the kids pick.
This year we had a zombie ghost.
A not scary witch.
A mummy.
A skeleton.
Another mummy.
 And one more skeleton.
Because there are no kids on our street and half the units are empty we went to the closest neighborhood.  It was great! The houses were closer together than we were used to and everyone was passing out really good candy.  By that I mean handfuls of chocolate bars.
Scarlett was the most gung ho.  She ran to every house and was usually first getting there.  Leon was right behind her until his bucket got heavy and he started to get tired.  After that we needed to help him carry his bucket, and when we didn't he had to lean to the other side to balance out the weight.  It was cute..   Tucker seemed to want to hang back with Bob and I.  He got scared the quickest.  Penelope was somewhere in the middle.
We had to talk to the kids about not putting their faces in the window.  We also had an issue with them saying "truck or treat."  I think it was a mix of trick-or-treat and trunk-or-treat.
The funniest time was when an old lady opened the door and said "Arn't you a couple days early?"  Tucker turned back and no one else was sure what to do.  She eventually brought out the candy.  The kids weren't sure if she was joking or not but I think she was serious.

Toward the end Tucker even asked if they should dump out their buckets in the car because people kept saying that they had a lot of candy and stopped giving them handfuls.  Instead we just walked back to the car.  They sure did get a lot of candy!

Now I'm stuck with figuring out what to do with all this candy.  I'm of course going to eat lots of it when they are sleeping.  But I'm torn between letting them eat as much as they want getting it over with, and the longer more tedious method of limiting their candy consumption.


Gayle Daly said...

A family here in our ward has a tradition called Switch Witch - they let the kids keep very little candy (like 5 pieces) their kids our about 5 & 6. and then a Switch Witch comes that night and leaves a toy or some other "gift". It's a nice alternative.....

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