Thursday, November 3, 2016


The church trunk-or-treat was fun!  They first had a dinner and activities. I loved that!  We are used to just coming in the dark passing out/getting candy and leaving.  I usually leave feeling disappointed because I didn't get to talk or really see anyone.  The inside dinner and games gave us a chance to see costumes and mingle without the craziness of trying to hurtle the kids from trunk to trunk.  And the best part was that it wasn't on Halloween!  It was great to not have to rush home and still try to take the kids around the neighborhood afterward.
I didn't get any pictures of it but they had this cool spooky room for the kids to walk though.  It was pitch black except for a strobe light.  They then had cardboard boxes for the kids to crawl through  and different curtains to walk around.  They must have used dividers to create a path through.  Then a couple scary people dressed up in the corners.  It was a mini haunted house and I thought it was very cute.  Some of my kids thought it was pretty scary.
After the dinner and most activities they invited the kids to walk around in a parade while parents went outside to set up trunks.  I stayed in with the kids and walked around the building.  We didn't realize it but during the parade a couple adults were looking at costumes figureing out prizes.

Tucker won for scariest costume.  He was thrilled.  Scarlett came crying to me because she wanted candy.  Penelope was confused as to why she didn't win the "Most Boo-tiful" prize.  Leon didn't seem to have an issue with not winning.
Below is our trunk, sorry I didn't get a picture until after we took down some of the decorations.  Not bad for a last minute trip to the dollar store.
Afterwards we were surprised because our battery was dead!  Bob was playing creepy music but only for about 30 minutes.  I still think that was weird.  Luckily we have cables and the person parked next to us was very willing to help us jump it.  It was the quickest car jump I've ever witnessed.
The kids were happy with their candy.

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