Monday, January 16, 2017

Madcap Puppets

I remember putting on the occasional show or play as a child and now as a parent I always want my kids to make up little plays for me.  They don't do it very often but when we had the chance to make puppets I was thrilled.  We went to the Madcap Puppet headquarters and toured it.  Everything was so interesting.  After the tour the kids got to make their own sock puppets.
They all turned out so cute.  Scarlett was grumpy for some reason and was being a little difficult with her puppet.  She really wanted it to be a peacock and she insisted that popsicle sticks were used instead of feathers or pipe cleaners.
They had some pretty amazing puppets.
Once all the children finished they practiced talking with their puppets.  Scarlett refused to participate in this.

She didn't mind trying out the big flower puppet though.

I thought the whole thing was pretty cool.  I'll have to get a video of the kids putting on a puppet show one of these days.

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