Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Get Air

One day during the reunion we went to the indoor trampoline park called Get Air.  I've never been to one of these places before and it was sooo fun.  There was a play place similar to a giant McDonalds playland next door so we split up.  Most of the older kids went to the trampoline place and the younger kids went next door.  I hung out with Penelope and Bob most of the time in the trampoline park.

I did up getting pictures on the trampolines but they are all really blurry so I won't share:)  They had a few other things to do at the trampoline place.

It was great!  Tucker ran around with his cousins most of the time and looked like he was having a blast.  I heard that Leon and Scarlett had tons of fun next door.  I kept needing to take breaks to blow my nose and go to the bathroom.  Jumping on a trampoline while pregnant with your fifth baby is hard.
We also had a cookie day where each family was in charge of making a treat.  Bob and I made a yummy popcorn cake.
Lastly I wanted to share about Penn Station.  It's the last restaurant that we try to go to while in Cincinnati.  I think their sandwiches are pretty good.

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