Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Return Flight

The airport was so exciting for the kids I think the return flight deserved it's own post.
Going home seemed to go much more smoothly.  First off the airport was pretty empty, there were no crowds and we got through security pretty quickly.
We kind of got into a groove of how to walk through the airport with four kids all carrying their own suitcases.  At first it was a jumble or us taking up the entire walkway and the kids cutting people off and then dropping their suitcases so stopping traffic completely.  We definitely had escalator issues.  Some of our kids were scared to go on while some already went down alone one child even fell on the escalator.  It was a mess our first few times.
For our return trip through the airport we walked mostly single file with one parent taking the lead and one in the rear watching all the kids.  It went pretty well.
Here the kids are at the gate with our huge mound of stuff.  I can't remember what Scarlett was upset about.
How could I not go to Graeters one last time when our gate was right next to it?
Selfie while waiting.
Neither flight was delayed and they was even less turbulence.

One of the best parts was that we got home right around dinner time.  We had enough time to unpack a little and eat before going to bed.  It was probably one of the best flying with kids experiences we've had.

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