Thursday, June 15, 2017

Frontier Girls Party

Penelope and Scarlett had their last frontier girls meeting/party the other day.  Bob took the boys camping that weekend so we had some fun girl time.  Over the past few years the girls have learned so much with their troop.  The've done lots of outings and learned about so many different things.  Some days were hard  because it can be scary for them to do things with a big group of people they aren't really close with.  I'm proud of them for getting out and doing it anyway.
 Here they are earning their last buttons.
 Scarlett's face is a mess in this next picture because she had been eating watermelon.
 After they ceremony the kids went and played at the waterfront.  They spent a while looking for crabs.
 Bothe girls surprised me by saying they wanted to go on the kayak.  Only the singles were available so they had to go out alone.  They each still wanted to do it and Scarlett wanted to go first.  I was holding Calista so another dad was nice enough to walk out into the water and lift Scarlett onto the kayak.  I was a little nervous because their was a small current and neither of them really know how to use a paddle.  Once he pushed her out she started floating away and shouting, "I wanna come back!"  I could tell she was panicking.  Some brothers from a different girls family were swimming and they swam over and turned Scarlett around and pushed her back to shore.

Penelope still wanted to try, but she didn't get as far.  The second she sat on the kayak she changed her mind and said she wanted to be done.  It was a big step for them to even be willing to try it!
I am really grateful for their leaders!  They've put in lots of work over the years and we appreciate it!

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