Friday, June 16, 2017

Kids Day Plus...

We rushed and got ready for school one morning so I could take the kids to get donuts.  What? It's crazy you say to try to get five kids ready including a newborn in only a half an hour so you can get donuts. That should just tell you how serious we are about donuts at our house.
Calista and I spend a lot of time laying on my bed.  Well, actually me laying on the bed and her laying on me.  She seems to think people are the only adequate beds.
While Boys were still camping I took the kids to fire safety day at the fairgrounds.  They had a blast walking around to all the booths and getting random papers, useless toys, and the occasional candy.
The CPR booth was pretty good.  One day I'm going to take their class at the fire station.  I was certified back in school but I'd like a refresher course.
I didn't get  a picture but the highlight was of this juggler.
He was entertaining, but the best part was when he first jumped on his pogo stick and accidentally went right through the stage floor.

This last picture is of Tucker playing floor hockey.  He loved it and scored the winning goal for his team!  Good job Tucker.

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