Monday, June 5, 2017

Scarlett Birthday Photography

On May 6th Scarlett turned six years old!  There was a lot of talk and excitement about it being her golden birthday, but in the end we never ended up doing anything extra for it.  She did great for her birthday pictures.
One great thing about Scarlett is that she is never mean.  Yes she gets upset a lot, but I never see her try to retaliate or harbor any ill will towards us or her siblings.  If she does something others don't like it is always because she is only thinking about herself, not because she would purposely do something to upset them.
Being Scarlett's mom is an adventure.  Just a couple days ago I saw her open the back door and throw something out.  We then had the following conversation about it.

Me: "Scarlett, what are you doing?"
She hesitated and I and I can tell didn't want to answer.
Me: "Scarlett... (stern voice)"
Scarlett: "I'm putting an aminal out of our house."
Me: "An animal?  What kind?" (At this point I'm assuming it is an ant)
Scarlett: "A snail."
Me: "A snail?" "Did you bring a snail inside the house?"
Scarlett: "Yes"
Me: "But you weren't playing outside today when did you do that?"

Scarlett: "The other day."

Scarlett is going to be an amazing mother!  She loves her baby sister so much and is very attentive to her.  Scarlett always wants to hold her and if Calista is crying she tries hard to calm her down.  She will hold her and bounce her and even sing to her.  It is the cutest thing ever!  Scarlett will make sure she is warm and nicely put blankets over her, or try to put her socks on her.  This is funny because Calista can kick a lot and Scarlett has a hard time.  She doesn't even complain when I ask her to throw a diaper away for me.
Physically Scarlett seems to be a little less active than the other kids.  She says she is "tired" when we are playing an outdoor game and will want to quit and lay down on the couch.  It is almost unnoticeable because, it is just a little bit and her personality is so "loud," but I've noticed she doesn't run around quite as much as the others.
Scarlett really doesn't like to clean up after herself.  She is very messy and it is a real struggle to get her to clean up her room or anything.  I think she has gotten away with getting the other kids to clean up her stuff a lot.  I feel bad for Penelope because they share a room and I think she does most of the work.
In this next picture she got upset because I told her we weren't done taking pictures.  These two are her natural authentic angry faces.
Scarlett is my most emotional child yet.  She definitly wears her heart on her sleeve.  Her emotions are plainly written on her face, which is great when she is surprised, happy, or excited.  When she is upset it is a different story.  Aside from Calista she cries the most out of all the kids and we also often get her pouty face.
When Scarlett gets in trouble we usually take her blanket away.  She loves her blankets so much that this seems to be a pretty effective punishment.  I'm not talking about a blanket that keeps her warm at night, we don't take those away, just the ones she loves and tries to carry around everywhere.
I think Scarlett is doing well in school.  Sometimes she tells me she loves it and other times she will say she doesn't want to go anymore.  She has friends who are always giving hugs and shouting "bye" to her when I pick her up, but I think she plays by herself at recess.  She is happy to do her own thing and plays what she wants.  I don't think she really plays with the same group of kids and she does have one friend she talks about but that is it.

I love being her mom and am so happy she is part of our family.