Friday, June 9, 2017

Scarlett's Birthday

Scarlett's birthday was only a week and a half after Calista was born.  I thought Calista would be born at least a week earlier so I was going to plan Scarlett's birthday after I got out of the hospital.  I usually try to only worry about one thing at a time.  As it worked out we had to pretty much do everything for her birthday the night before.  I didn't want her to feel overshadowed so we tried our best to do all the things we normally do.

It is amazing how little traditions can become so special and exciting for kids.  I think when it is something we only do on their birthday and we do it every year they learn to look forward to it no matter how small it is.  So we blocked off her door with streamers, we decorated her chair at the table, and we let her pick all the meals for the day.  She loved it and thought it was great.

Scarlett and Penelope had a big frontier girls field trip for most of the day.  They rode the ferry and went to visit the Suquamish museum on the Indian reservation.  She said it was one of the best activities they've ever done.

After they came home Grandma and Grandpa Swift came over for the festivities.
Scarlett really wanted cupcake hair.
She loved all her presents.
I even made the requested Shopkins cake.  Calista took her fist ever nap in her carseat and I spent the entire time making her cake.
Things felt a little last minute to me but Scarlett said she had a great birthday and I'm happy with that.

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