Monday, July 10, 2017

Exercise Trail

A park near my parents house has a really fun exercise trail.  I think it is just over a mile long and it has stops with signs and different exercise equipment.  I remember doing it as a family when I was a kid and so I was excited to take my kids there.  Bob said he has never done it before, which is crazy because we have been to my parents house countless times over the years and it is such a cool place.  I already want to do it again.
The kids brought the walkie talkies, but I think they got tired of them after only a few minutes.  The different exercises were more interesting.
 Scarlett and Tucker found a snail.
 I only have pictures of a couple of the stations.  The monkey bars one was pretty fun because almost everyone did it, but it was a challenge for most.  Bob also did some impressive pull-ups while carrying Calista.
 After the hike we stopped at the waterfall and played on the toys.

Do any of you ever use trekking poles or walking sticks?  Click the link for an article about choosing the right ones.

I could have stayed longer but it started to rain and so we went back.  Maybe I'll find a time to go again soon.

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