Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Update

I love summertime!!  Having the kids home all day when the weather is nice is great.  My kids spend a lot of time out in the backyard so we are all happier when the sun shines.

We also do well with a sort of schedule so every morning the kids now have an additional chore they need to do on top of their usual wake up to-do list, which includes the basics like getting dressed and brushing teeth.  Once our morning stuff is done we spend some time doing a mini school.  It usually involves me reading stories to them, practicing our weekly etiquette lesson, and then their handwriting practice.  Its been fun!

Lots of days we have things to do when that is over, like dollar movies, park play date, or my visiting teaching.  We've been busy so far and I think everyone is enjoying themselves.  Here are some random pictures.   

The first is Leon washing the bathroom mirrors.  I thought it was cute how I just walked upstairs and saw him in the sink cleaning.  I'd love to just be surprised by my kids cleaning more often.

One day it was so hot we had to go out to eat for dinner.  We don't have air conditioning and I even had Bob call the restaurant to make sure they have it before we drove over.
The kids haven't been watching very much tv at all.  But one day Bob and I spent almost the entire day cleaning the garage and they got to watch lots of tv.  The deal was as long as they were taking turns holding Calista they got to watch.  Calista is in her bouncer in this picture, but they were holding here most of the time.
We went to a splash pad with friends.
Tucker moved up to Webelos.
No explanation needed for this next one.
I've watched a few puppet shows.
And Calista has been sucking her pretty thumb regularly.  It is so cute!

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