Thursday, July 13, 2017

Green Mountain Hike

We've been on a roll with hiking lately.  It is just such a good outdoor activity that we are trying to go on as many as possible.  The green mountain hike is one of our favorites that we make sure to do at least once every summer.  This year my parents came along.

We did have one hiccup.  When we got to this spot we split up.  The kids wanted to climb up and I thought they were just skipping a switchback and we would catch them in about 30 seconds.  But no. It took them on a completely different path straight to the top.  They missed about half mile to a mile of the hike.  Luckily Bob went with them so they weren't alone.  I didn't like that we were separated though.
After they were at the top for a while and realized that we weren't coming they came back down and met us at this little bench.

The view from the top is great!  IT was a little too cloudy for us to see Seattle this time.
Our lunch wasn't as big as we would have liked.  We were out of a few things at home and didn't have time to run to the store before the hike.  My parents were nice enough to share with us.  I didn't get a picture of it but the kids had a lot of fun feeding their cracker crumbs to the birds.
On the way back down I asked each of the kids to find a spot they wanted me to take their picture.  Here is Leon's.
Penelope's (I think she liked that little stump.)
And Tucker's.
They really cut down a lot of trees for a small portion of the hike.  On the way up I didn't love walking the path where all the trees were cut.  But on the way back down we had a great view that we wouldn't otherwise have had.
This hike was really a great level for our kids this year.  I think it was a little over 5 miles half going up the mountain and half going back down.  The kids were getting tired but not so bad that they complained a bunch.

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