Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tucker and the Piano

Tucker has really taken off on the piano.  I think this is something he is naturally good at.  His teacher has even mentioned before that he learns the songs quicker than many of her students do.  I really hope he sticks with it and becomes really good.  Piano is something I want to be better at.  I kind of stopped practicing since Calista was born.

Anyway, once he finished his level his teacher asked him if he would let her video him playing them so he can be a demo for the other students.  The people who make the curriculum asked her to find a student to do this for them to show their students and she picked Tucker.  She thinks the Simply Music program people are going to use his videos.  Here is the link to the songs he's been working on for it.  He recorded them all on one night.
He memorized all the songs.

Tucker also had his last piano recital for a while.

We celebrated with a little frozen yogurt.

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Mary-Anne said...

That's awesome! I always had the hardest time memorizing the songs.