Monday, July 3, 2017

Tucker's Birthday Photography

Tucker has entered the world of double digits, there is no going back for him now.  I can't believe that we are most likely past half way done raising him.  In less than the amount of time we've had with him he could be out on his own at college or serving a mission.  I feel the pressure to do a good job in the little amount of time we have left before he "grows up."
Tucker is a huge help around the house!  He easily does the most cleaning up and in general chores.  Probably partly because he is the oldest and most capable, partly because he is homeschooled, and partly because of his personality.  I think he knows that it is easier to take things out to the recycle when I ask than it is to argue about it.
Tucker also continues to want the most attention out of all the kids.  He seems to think I need to be talking to him or listening to him 24 hours a day.  That can get tiring because I like to have more space and alone time then he ever wants me or Bob to have.
Tucker likes to get everything done as quickly as possible.  I often don't know why because we will have nothing else planned for once he is done.  Speed seems to be way more important to him than doing an quality job.
Whenever Tucker thinks of something he is very excited about it and wants to tell everyone immediately.  He thinks it is so cool he doesn't realize that he is interrupting everyone else.
Although Tucker does talk back he isn't as defiant as our other children.  He might argue if he doesn't do what we want but he argues while he is doing it.  That doesn't sound great but it really is so much nicer than when the kids just flat out refuse.
Tucker is very easy to motivate with rewards.  If he has a goal with any sort of reward he does really well.
Tucker loves TV, computer games, and Wii games.  I have to really limit the amount he is allowed because if I didn't I think he would never stop.
Tucker likes Ninjago, legos, reading, baking, and anything spy related.
Tucker is pretty responsible.  He can be forgetful and gets sidetracked extremely easily, but I can trust him to be safe and make good decisions.
He is in general a nice guy.  I don't think he every intentionally would hurt or be mean to someone.
Tucker is great at making friends.  Almost every time we go to the park he makes a new friend.  He isn't afraid to talk to or play with people he hasn't met before.
I'm really glad he is in our family.

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Talitha said...

its fun reading about Tucker's likes and stuff. Where is this graffiti wall at?