Wednesday, August 23, 2017

30th Birthday Fun

Bob know what I like and made a mint brownie cake covered in oreos hot fudge for my birthday.  It was soo good!  We actually did a little family party a couple days early because my actual birthday was during our family reunion.  
The kids loved this crown bob got me.  It was a little heavy though and one time fell and hit me on the top of my nose.  It made my eyes water and cute the skin right open.  I had a nice tiny cut and a small bruise for a couple days.  You can see it in the pictures.  My main present was a nice new expensive camera that I love!
I love being a mom because the kids always give me great hand made presents.

Tomorrow I'll post about our reunion!  I haven't had a minute to post lately because we've been so busy trying to move.  I think things will slow down this week so I should be able to catch up before it gets crazy again.

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