Thursday, August 24, 2017

Reunion Part 1

We went to my parents house a day before the reunion to spend more time with family.  It was great for the kids to spend time with cousins.

And we went out to dinner.  This was the first time we left Calista, it was nice but felt a little weird to not have her with us.
The next morning we got up and went to the reunion.  We did so many fun activities at the reunion and I barely got any pictures.  A lot of these I took from facebook that others posted.  On the first day we did a big white elephant exchange.  It was to celebrate birthdays because so many of us have a summer birthday.  I was lucky because this happened on my actual birthday so they let me have last pick of all the presents.  I ended up with a mini jenga set.  One time during the game I had a toaster like hot dog cooker.  It was big and silly and I knew we weren't going to be able to bring it to Japan so I was very surprised when on Scarlett's turn she ran over very excitedly and tried to steal it from me.  I told her no because I knew we couldn't bring it.  She was devastated she started crying.  I should have let her take it and then broke it to her gently a couple weeks later.  Oh well, she is over it now.  I think she ended up getting candy for her present and she liked that too.
 A group picture of all of us.
All of my parents 8 children with their spouses and children were able to come.  It was great!

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