Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Moving is a lot of work!  We even have movers packing up all our stuff but it is still hard.  We had to sort everything into either storage, quick shipment, slow shipment, or suitcases.  Then the movers came and we just had to hope we got it right while they boxed everything up and took it away.  I know we made some mistakes already but in the end we will get all our stuff, some of it might take longer than we wanted.

Once everything was taken except for the storage we worked so hard cleaning the house for the new renters.  Making a house spotless without any toys to distract the kids is hard.  I don't think I really posted about showing the house to renters on here, but that was a tough week too.  We probably had about 15 showings in one week.  Every time we made sure the house was as clean as possible and then the kids had to go somewhere.  Most of the time Bob took them and left, but a few times Bob wasn't home and the kids got to have fun hiding in the backyard.

After a rough week we found a renter we really like.  I think she will be great, but it is tough getting the house in perfect condition.  There were so many small things to fix that we don't even think about normally but we thought should be fixed for the renters.  I underestimated the amount of time it would take just clean the house.  I spend hours washing walls, blinds, fans, all cupboards.  We repainted several things, added a few new smoke detectors, even cleaned out the fireplace and I think it is finally ready.

We now turned the keys over to the renters and are homeless for a week before we go to Japan.  We are staying with my parents.  It's nice because we wont get to see them very much once we leave for Japan.

One day while the movers were at our house the kids and I needed to get out so we went to the school and played around.

They have really cool trails behind the school that I've never been too.  Tucker and Penelope have been back on them with their classes before.

I went out to eat with a few friends one last time.  We had such a great ward I'm really going to miss everyone.

Bob got tired of holding toys in front of Calista and hung this up for her.
Now that we are at my parents house I feel like I can relax a bit.  It was so hard getting everything done, not to mention the fact that we were living in a house with no beds, couches, tables or anything for a few days.


Gayle Daly said...

I'm very excited to see the process unfold in Japan for you. We rented a small apartment when we lived there for almost 6 months. We did buy a car and I drove while over there. I know your family will have a fantastic time because you are so adventurous!!

Mary-Anne said...

I hear ya!! I just spent the whole day yesterday cleaning our house. It's so much work. I never want to move again!!