Thursday, August 31, 2017


Everyone made such a huge deal about the eclipse this year I think that made it really fun.  We got our special solar eclipse glasses about two weeks early and were ready to go.  I even talk to the kids a couple time about what an eclipse is.  After reading more in depth about it myself it really is amazing that it ever happens at all.  Did you know that out of all the planets and all the moons ours is the only one that every has a solar eclipse?  Cool huh?

On the day of we had to get our government passports so we couldn't be at home.  We watched the start of it there and then drove over to Old Navy and hung out in their parking lot.  Leon needed new church pants :)

It was pretty cool!  We only had 91% coverage but I thought it was pretty good.  These pictures were taken of the internet but this first one is about how much we could see.

I wouldn't say it got really dark out or anything, but we could tell it was a bit darker.  More like dusk outside.  I didn't expect it to get so much colder.  It was noticeably colder for about a half an hour.  So cool!

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