Friday, September 1, 2017

Calista 4 Months

Calista if now four months old!  I feel like in the past that is sort of when babies start to get a bit easier to take care of.  She is still up quite a bit at night but I'm hopeful that things will change in that area soon. Once we are settled we are going to try to get her on a sleep schedule.  Right now she usually takes two long naps during the day in her bed, but the time isn't set.  

Calista likes, kisses, half rolling over, drooling, sucking her thumb, smiling, and of course milk.  She doesn't like being left alone, tummy time, or sleeping through the night as she has yet to do it.  She does let us put her in the bumbo seat more often than before and she is getting pretty good at holding her head up.  I don't seem to be holding her as often because I think she doesn't feel as strong of a need to be held as long as she sees people around her.

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