Sunday, September 3, 2017

Watch What I'm Wearing

This is a new dress.  I like it but I honestly probably won't wear it again for a while.  It was hard to nurse Calista with this on.  I will probably wait until she can go through church without me feeding her before I wear it again.  Penelope also said that I looked like I have a baby in my tummy when I wore this... so hopefully I won't look like that after a couple of months.
Yes, I am not wearing shoes in this picture.  They were put away and I didn't want to get them back out.  Sorry.


vanity andme said...

Baby Tummy? Where is it? You look perfect and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. xx

Shelbee On The Edge said...

It is a beautiful dress! And it looks super cute with your bare feet and red pedicure. I can imagine though that nursing would be difficult in it. But at least you look great while tending to a crying baby who can't get her food!


Unknown said...

Very pretty dress! And I love the bare feet!

jules said...

That dress is so pretty! Perfect for fall with the long sleeves!

xo Jules