Monday, September 4, 2017

Zion's Camp

Tucker's cubscouts had their summer pack meeting at Zion's camp so we decided to stay the night.  It worked out perfectly because I wanted to go camping there with the kids one more time before we moved.

We got there in the afternoon and headed right over to the lake.

 All the kids also went out on the canoes.  I really wanted them to practice using a paddle.
 All the kids loved doing the rope swing, but Leon was pretty scared to give it a try.  Once he did it once though he couldn't get enough.  Tucker was the only one brave enough to actually jump off it into the water.
I did the paddle board, even though it kind of stresses me out.  I don't think it was very hard but the whole time I really didn't want to fall.  Maybe because I've never fallen on it before or maybe because I really wasn't wanting to get into the water.  But I did get a bit testy with the kids when they bumped me.
It took a while for Scarlett and Penelope to get the nerve to go down the slide.  I guess you could say that in the end they both went down.

Tucker's challenge was to jump off the life guard seat.  When we came to the water the next day there was a new sign saying not to jump off it.

The pack meeting was great!  We are going to miss cub scouts.
That night the kids all slept in the tent and Bob Calista and I slept in the car with the seats folded down.  It was a rough night!  I think I fed Calista hourly to keep her quiet.  And in the end I'm not sure sleeping in the car with the seats folded flat was more comfortable than the tent.  We were very squished and the seats were super hard.  One last hurrah before we sell the car I guess.
We forgot several things on this camping trip including, flashlights and matches.  Luckily people were nice enough to share.

The next morning we played around on their ropes course and all their fun toys.

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