Friday, September 22, 2017

Beach Bubbles

One cool thing about Japan is that there are beaches everywhere.  The Navy Base is right on the coast so water is everywhere, even more so then when we lived in Bremerton.  We went exploring to look for different areas to live and found a beach.

We didn't find any houses, but we did find an area that was pretty nice.

There was this guy making pretty cook bubbles.  I wasn't sure what he thought about the kids running up to him popping all the bubbles, but after a few minutes he handed a bubble want to Leon. We had this whole interaction with a Japanese guy on the beach without talking.

I almost stepped on this bug, it looked just like a leaf, but it jumps like a grasshopper.
Let me just take a minute to complain about the bugs here.  I got some serious bug bites.  They puffed up really big and itch so much worse than anything I've had before.  Penelope got them pretty bad also and we have been putting on anti itch cream ever since.  

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