Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Train Ride

A friend invited us over for dinner last Sunday so we got to go on our first train ride.  Scarlett actually went to preschool with one of their children back in Bremerton.  We knew their family a little bit from that, but now that we are both out here is has been great to see familiar faces.  Plus they were really helpful with any questions we had before coming out.  Anyway, we didn't have train passes so we stopped at the station.  Wait I should amend that, everyone except for Bob didn't have train passes, Bob saved his from 6 years ago and still had money on it.
The kids were kind of going crazy on the platform while bob tried to talk to the worker to figure it out.
We heard everyone school aged needed a pass, but after using it lots of times we found out that was actually 7 and up, so we were wasting our money on Scarlett.  We also found out that we needed passports for the kids to get a kid pass.  So we just got tickets for the train and back and went and got our many use reloadable passes the next time we were at the train stop.  The train is about a 15 minute walk from base, but we are on the opposite side of base.  So getting there usually involves us waiting for the bus to pick us up from the lodge and drive us to the gate, then the short walk to the station.
We had a talk about what to do if you don't get on the train and everyone else does and then we were off.
The kids liked to stand up.  We also had a big convo about how no one is allowed talking on the train.  It is considered rude to talk or be loud on the train.

Then the short walk to our friends house.  Their neighborhood is cute and close and I'd love to find a house there.

This next one is just a picture from near the train station on a different day.
And of course a fish from the bet store.  Why not share a picture of it?

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