Thursday, September 14, 2017

Japan Flight

I still can't believe we moved to Japan!  The whole thing is kind of surreal.  When we first agreed to go I had no idea how it would all work out and how how to move to Japan in general.  But things just happened one step at a time.  The flight itself seemed like the last step in our moving journey.  In actuality it was probably closer to a middle step but that is ok.
I never really as nervous to come, ok maybe a little bit the night before, but just a little.  I think I was so calm about the whole thing because we've been to the same town before.  It was just a month but I felt like I had a good idea of what things would be like.  The morning of my parents drove us to the airport.  We filled up their car and ours with our 12 bags and 4 carseats.  Then after multiple trips bringing everything in they left and we were on our way.
The kids were so excited for the flight!  They had special treats and activities for the plane and so they couldn't wait.
First Japanese meal.
Our seats ended up being really good.  Scarlett, Calista, and I sat in the front bulkhead row so we had plenty of legroom.  Calista never used her seat, but I had a nice spot to put all my stuff through the ten and a half hour flight.  After take off the flight attendant came and set up a bed for Calista.  Here you can see it attached to the wall right in front of me and Scarlett.
She ended up sleeping about 6 hours straight!  I did feed her once in there but she went right back to sleep.  It was amazing!  Scarlett learned to just the screen and we both just watched movies the whole time.  I think I fell asleep for about 10 minute during Pirates of the Caribbean, but that was it.  Scarlett slept the last two hours.  The hadrdest part was probably that I did get a bit tired holding Calista but she never got upset or anything, and one time Scarlett spilled her large box of nerds everywhere.

Bob was in the very last row sitting next to Leon.  He had a space next to him and Penelope and Tucker sat right in front of him with a space between them.  Everything seemed to go really well for them also.  Bob did say he had to help them getting their shows started periodically throughout but that was it.
After arriving we hung out at the airport for what seemed like a long time.  We were exhausted and had to wait for the bus.
Check out all our stuff!
We got to the Navy lodge around 7 and went to bed pretty quickly after that.  People started waking up at 2am that morning and everyone was up by 4.  We slowly got adjusted to the time and stopped waking up at 4 in the morning.  We started letting the kids stay up late at night in hopes that they would sleep longer in the morning.  It worked.  By Sunday (one week) we were pretty well adjusted and I had to wake the kids up in the morning to get ready for church.  When I say we I don't mean Calista, she had been really struggling this whole time.  I feel like I feed her all night long and hold her all day long.

For now we are living in the Navy Lodge, which is a hotel, and looking for something more permanent.  We are also looking for a car.

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So excited to follow your journey and new life in Japan!