Monday, September 11, 2017

Puyallup Fair

The Puyallup fair one last time was a perfect goodbye Washington activity.  We were able to go with my parents and brother but got separated at the start because of parking.  We also realized as getting out of the car that we forgot Calista's baby carrier.  So we had to hold her the whole time.  Both Bob and my arms were tired at the end but we made it through.  We hung out in this little oldschool area for a bit while everyone tried to find my dad.

The kids love the fair and them remember this little tractor ride from previous years so they were asking to go on it from the start.  They might be sad when we get back in three years and they are too big for it.

The kids are never enthusiastic about the petting zoo as I want them to be.  They didn't really want to pet the animals at all.
We offered to let all the kids try mutton busting.  Tucker did it once and because the age range is 4 to 7 Leon Penelope and Scarlett all could have participated.  Leon was the only one interested though.  The girls kept talking about how scary it was and so I was worried Leon would back out.  It was $15 and we wouldn't get our money back if he chickened out.  But he didn't, Bob said he wasn't even that scared.
It was a short ride, but we were proud of him for trying.

We went to a little superhero room and even met Spiderman.

Leon really liked these people.  I have no idea what they were about.

The hobby hall with collections.
We took a break and I fed Calista as we watched them milk the cow.

I had to try a dole whip.  It was good but not worth the $6.  Same story for the elephant ear but I think that was closer to $10.

Goodbye Washinton!

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