Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hotel Life

Now that we've been living at the Navy Lodge for about a month and a half it has started to feel a little like home.  It is a pretty good size for a hotel but pretty small for a family of 7.  I think it is slightly bigger than Bob's and my first apartment we had before we had kids.  I took some pics mainly so I can remember it when looking back.

This first picture is the view from the front door.  It has a small 4 person table, a tv,  couch and chair.  The tv stand is my dresser. 
Now the view of the front door.  That bucket contains loaner toys a friend gave us.  And the kitchen is on the left.
Here is the kitchen with the full size oven I am scared to use, because of the fire alarm and the teeny tiny washing machine that only holds a few things and takes 40 minutes to it isn't really worth it.
Right around the corner is a little hallway with a desk.  I love this area.  Without a spot for our computer, living her would be much harder.  I can sit here and work on things when the kids are sleeping in the other room.

In this next picture you can see  the chair from the desk and the closet.  I should have gotten a better picture but half the closet is for shoes and coats and the other half is Calista's bed.  It works pretty well because she is separated from the rest of the kids so they don't wake her up.  We never shut it all the way, but we can partially shut the closet so it is darker for her.  It is not a walk in closet or anything like that, just a regular one.  Her co-sleeper that was on our bed fits perfectly in the closet.
Then onto the room.  It has one queen bed and two twins.  A tv that sits on top of a dresser and a couple of nightstands.  Penelope and Scarlett share the dresser.
The kids rotate who gets to sleep on the bed and on the floor.  One floor spot is in between these two beds.  That night stand is where Leon keeps his clothes.
The other sleeping spot is underneath the larger window in the next picture.
In the next picture you can see the entrance to the bathroom.  Once you go in the toilet and shower are to the right and have a seprate door.  We let Tucker and Penelope stay up later than the others and they read in the bathroom.  Bob's clothes are also in the drawers in the bathroom.  Tucker's drawers are in the bench drawers and Calista still uses her suitcase.
You can see all the swimsuits hung up.   We could seriously use another spot to hand things, in there.
Things I like about living here:

Someone comes and makes the beds everyday.
Someone comes and empty's the trash everyday.
Someone comes and sweeps and vacuums and brings towels everyday.
Free continental breakfast that I never have to make.
There is a toy set right outside.
Upstairs has a laundry room and I can do three loads at once.
The bus stops right outside.

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