Thursday, October 5, 2017


During one of our orientation days they took us to Kamakura.  It was pretty much like a date for Bob and I because all the kids except for Calista were in childcare.  We had a blast.  Here you can see Bob photobombing me while I was trying to get a picture with the train coming.  I didn't get it.
The first thing we did when we got there was eat lunch.  They mentioned a Korean BBQ place so of course Bob wanted to go there.  It was scrumptious.

Kamakura is a huge tourist town so there were lots of little tourist type shops to check out.  They even had Kimono rental places.  We saw Japanese people renting Kimono's and then wearing them around town.  They all walked a little funny with these clunky shoes on.  Dress up can be fun, but on this day in the heat I didn't really see the appeal.

The baby ones were adorable.
And they even had the socks to go with them.
I was hot and carrying Calista only makes the heat intensify.  So I opted to try a grapefruit drink.  They really just blended up the grapefruit and added a little sprite type drink.  It was good, but shortlived.

They had tons of these candied nuts in all flavors.  We made sure to sample almost all of them.
Some of the sugar type ones were good.  I liked cookie dough.

Kamakura is known for its many temples and shrines.  We went to one of the really big famous shrines.  When I went to take this next picture I was going to wait for the people to move, but then I thought it was just perfect the way it was.  People in Japan love their dogs.  They are almost always small and cute.  So no surprise that this lady is taking a picture of her dog in her dogs stroller in front of the torii gate.

On our walk back I tried candied grapes.  They were pretty good, I generally don't like grape flavor but if I did I'm sure I would love these.  After I bought this I saw candied apples and I wished I didn't buy the grapes.  Oh well, it was fun to try them.
We really enjoy learning about Japanese history and culture.

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