Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I like sushi and we used to make it quite a bit at home.  But I only put in it things that I liked and that never included raw fish.  Now that we are pretty much living in the sushi capital of the world I want to expand my horizons a bit.  We went to a close by Sushi-Go-Round restaurant the other day.
Of course everyone wanted to sit next to the conveyer belt, but after some rearranging Bob and I sat there.  We learned that lesson the hard way years ago.  Once a plate is taken down you aren't supposed to put it back up, and you pay for how many plates you have.  Kids like to touch and pull the plates down.

Can you see the english monitor?  We were able to change it to English, woohoo! If we wanted anything specific we ordered it on the screen and a couple minutes later it got sent on the conveyor belt to us.  It was pretty cool.

We all totally ate a piece of squid until Tucker took the batter off of one.
Even though I knew it was squid in the first place seeing it totally grossed me out and I couldn't eat another.
This next one was pretty good.
I did have to draw the line somewhere.  I'm still not ready for full out raw fish.

Calista even wanted in on the action.
I wanted to try the different desserts as well.  I've seen the first one around several places and when I tried it, it wasn't at all what I was expecting.  I thought some sort of sweet noodle.  Nope.  It was more like a mousse frosting thing.  And below that are candied sweet potatoes.


Jacquelyn said...
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Sabrina Bartholomew said...

Is that soy sauce on tap? What a fun place. I tried a conveyor sushi place in Seattle once. It was great fun.

Gayle Daly said...

It's great that your children are willing to be adventurous with food!!

Sarah Isis D said...

I started with raw fish in rolls (instead of bed of rice). It took me about a year or two of eating raw fish in tiny quantities before I went to the nigiri and sashimi.