Monday, October 9, 2017

Random Update

We run into a lot of things over here in Japan that I don't generally see in the states.  One of those things being warm stick-on toilet seat covers.  This one happens to be brown but they had lots of different colors and textures.
Bob really likes these trucks.  I'm not sure why.
I thought it was funny that they had dogs in purses in the display window.  I'm not sure if you are actually supposed to buy these stuffed animals to carry around in your purse or not, but I've seen them displayed like this before.

Calista needed a nap while I was working on the computer.  Since she doesn't ever like to be put down in her bed she's gotten good at sleeping in weird positions.
They other day she fell alseep on my hands while I was playing Uno with the other kids.  In my hand were the cards and laying on the back of my hand was her head, in a similar pose.  They kids thought it was hilarious.  
The grocery store sells individual ice cream cones.  Pretty fun!

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