Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Okonomiyaki and Shabu-Shabu

While living in the Navy Lodge we are eating out ALL. THE. TIME.  Seriously, we tried to make pizza here in the oven and it set off the fire alarm.  The firemen came and then someone from the Navy came and we had to show ID.  It was a whole big deal and pretty embarrassing.  The worst part was that it was barely smokey in here at all so now I am afraid to cook anything.  Between that and me always itching to get out of the hotel we go out once or twice a day.

There are tons of restaurants nearby and lots of new things for us to try.  This first one is of Shabu-Shabu.  It reminded me of the Melting Pot back in the states, but only the meat course.  You get to choose your broth and then cook your own meat.  It is all you can eat so we have a little screen and just keep ordering more food on it.  Mostly different meats but also some veggies. 
We all really liked it.  The only hard part was that Calista was being fussy and it is a little difficult to hold her and try to bounce her while cooking the food and passing it out and ordering more all the time.
These next two pictures are from an Okonomiyaki place in the mall.  We've had it before but this is our first time at a cook it yourself place.  Notice how Calista has a firm grip on my salad.  I'm always trying to eat and in a struggle with her over my dishes.  If I put the plate far away then I spill food everywhere trying to get it to my mouth.  Too close and she gets her hands on it.  One time she pulled a dish off the table at a restaurant and it broke on the floor.  I'm sure the Japanese people love it when they see our family walk into their place ;)
This is like a cabbage egg pancake thing.  A very different flavor than any of us were used to.  Maybe I'll grow to like it.

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Gayle Daly said...

I hope you get your housing soon. Wow - I can't even imagine. We lived in an apartment out in town.