Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Calista's First Food

Calista had her first taste of solid food a couple weeks ago.  I was really putting it off for a while.  Bob wanted to start before I did but she just didn't seem ready to me.  I made sure we waited the full six months before letting her try it. 

The look. "What is that?"
The lick. "I'm not sure."
The taste.
"What just happened?"
She seemed to enjoy the cracker a bit more.

Honestly her first attempt at eating went pretty well.  I was surprised.  But we have been doing it for a couple weeks now and we usually try it every night.  After her first try she didn't want anything to do with food for at least a week.  We never made her eat.  If she wasn't interested, that was fine with me.  After about two weeks of her not really wanting it these past couple of days she seems like she really likes it.  I even tried a couple other baby foods that aren't rice cereal and she really did not like them.  The one perk for me is that once she eats a little food I feel like I can leave her at home with Bob for more than two hours.

The kids really love Calista.

Here she is in her favorite nap time spot.  
And all wrapped up sticking her tongue out.