Monday, November 20, 2017

Field Trip

We went on a field trip with junior high students.  These kids traveled a couple hours to come do this activity with Americans.  They were originally going to go to a different country but for some reason that didn't work out and they got to see us instead.  We were going to ride the ferry over to Monkey Island with them but because of the weather that didn't happen either.  They learn english in school so this was their big chance to get to speak with native english speakers.  It was pretty fun.  We all got name tags.

The first thing we did was ride the bus with them to a local park.  They were so excited to sit next to the kids. I think Penelope was overwhelmed.  She told me after the first ride that they kept looking at her and talking and laughing and she didn't like it because she didn't know what they were saying.  I told her that they just thought she was really cute and she seemed better about it the second ride.  She said they asked to take her picture and she told them yes.
Once we got to the park we broke into groups.  The students were already in groups so the Americans just got assigned to a group.  There was only one other family there with kids and the students seemed to love the kids.  When we got called to a group they were cheering and super excited that we got to be with them.  It was kind of crazy how happy they were that we were in their group.

The first activity was to make hamburgers.  In Japan they have to go to a special park to have a grill and so most of these kids had never done it before.  We were supposed to work together to grill and eat hamburgers.  Instead it was raining and pouring so hard no one could get anything cooked.
The students were so nice and diligent with holding their umbrellas over us.  We ended up leaving the park without eating and driving to a building.
At the building we played games for what felt like forever while someone somewhere cooked the hamburgers.  I think we ate at 2:30. 

We played a game like hot potato and if the music stopped while they had the ball they had to answer a question in English.  Some of them were so nervous to talk to us in English.  A couple were much more willing to speak to us and the more shy ones would usually just defer to them.  Of course the only person in our family who the music ever stopped on was Penelope and it happened twice.
At the end the students had a little presentation for us where they each shared where they think we should visit in Japan.  We had fun and want to do more of these type of activities.

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