Saturday, November 18, 2017

Watch What I'm Wearing

As a nursing mamma finding dresses that work can be next to impossible.  But eShakti did it again!  This flowy black dress makes feeding my baby a breeze.  When Calista is hungry she is not patient nor happy and I need to be able to feed her in whatever I'm wearing.  This dress makes that possible which means I have a Happy baby.  And we all know that happy baby = happy mamma. 

It is true wrap dress, which I love because the cut is flattering and forgiving at the same time.   What makes eShakti so great is you can customize the dress almost any way you want.  I especially love that you can change the length and sleeve type of the dresses.  Because of my religious beliefs I always need to wear something that covers my shoulders.  The majority of dresses these days seem to be sleeveless or even strapless.  But with their customizable option I can pick any dress I like, sleeves or not, and just add them.  It is amazing!  Total game changer.  I felt confident and comfortable wearing this stylish dress that was perfect for my needs.

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Shelbee On The Edge said...

It is a beautiful dress! And it looks gorgeous on you!