Thursday, December 28, 2017

8 Month Old Photos

Calista is eight months old!  She likes rolling over, baby food, her walker, sitting up, paper and babbling.  She dislikes strangers and being put down.
This past month Calista has really started eating baby food.  She has a lot of smushed prunes, green bean, carrots, and plain yogurt.  It is fun to watch her when we get the food out.  She starts rocking back and forth and is visibly excited.  I also picked up a walker toy from the thrift store and she loves it.  The kids push her all around the townhouse. 
Speaking of the townhouse, Calista has moved up from sleeping in my small closet to sleeping in my big walk in closet.  She even gets to sleep in her own crib!  It seems crazy that she was over seven months before she slept in a crib for the first time but it is what it is.  This closet is perfect because it has plenty of room for all our clothes and the crib.  It really is the size of a small bedroom.  It even has a window that we had to cover with a towel.  I like how she is still really close to me at night because I still feed her twice a night.

I wrote that she likes babbling.  Sometimes she gets really loud and will make grunting noises or the most common thing she likes to say is "dadadadadadadada."  After which I promptly respond, "mama mama."

Calista loves paper.  She really wants it all the time, we have to watch her closely because more than once she has started choking on a piece.
She did really well for these pictures.  It was like I set her down and she was all, "Sure Mom, I'll sit perfectly and look at the camera for you."
"Oh, you want a smile, no problem."

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Gayle Daly said...

Oh Someday - she will sleep all night....right???? :)