Friday, December 29, 2017

Bob's Birthday

We met Bob for lunch on his birthday.  They have a little cafeteria right next to his building so it worked out pretty well.  The kids were all so excited for his birthday. I asked Bob a few times what he wanted to do and all he wanted was to spend time with us.  He really is the best husband and dad!  The kids and I feel lucky to have him.

This is off topic but Tucker won the coloring contest at the commissary and got a free fruit basket.  He was very excited about the whole thing.  It ended up causing a lot of fighting because some of the other kids just couldn't get over the fact that Tucker won and not them.
That night we made Bob's favorite Korean BBQ and he opened his presents.  He even had his customary pie and ice cream.
The next day we went and saw the new Star Wars movie.  I felt really bad about bringing all the kids because we have never let them watch a movie like this before.  Tucker watched the older Star Wars movies but not the new ones.  I am usually really strict about what they can watch.  But for some reason we just decided to do it anyway.  We brought bob's tablet and headphones and put it on the floor by our feet.  Tucker, Scarlett, and Leon all ducked out of star wars to watch the tablet for a little bit.  It was pretty intense for them.
It is kind of fun having a new Star Wars movie come out every year.  I hope the kids don't think this is some sort of new tradition.  


Gayle Daly said...

Time to start recruiting babysitters from church. Are you in a ward or branch? Are there any candidates????

Jacquelyn said...
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