Monday, January 1, 2018

Goodbye 2017

2017 has got to be one of my most life changing years yet.  Not only did I have a baby, a very life changing experience, we moved to Japan. 

Anytime I have a baby a whole year is devoted completely to that.  Honestly taking one year out to create life is not bad.  The first few months of 2017 were pretty much me miserable waiting for Calista to be born.  The middle months were crazy with a newborn and moving to Japan.  The last few months were adjusting to Japan and waiting for a house to live in.  It has pretty much been a year of waiting for me.  Waiting for the baby to be born, waiting to move, waiting for our house to be ready.

I was feeling nice and cozy in our Bremerton life.  We felt very settled and I guess it was time for a change.  Moving to Japan was not something we planned but more of fell into our laps.  Everything just lined up perfectly that we knew it was the right thing for us to do. 

I felt like we needed to have another baby for a long time before we decided for sure on having Calista.  Even though she is difficult we love her so much and I am happy I devoted the last year to her.

Waiting on the house is funny because before we planned on moving to Japan we were going to sell our house and build a new one, in the same town.  So we were all prepared to move when we got the Japan job offer.  We even bought the land.  We figured our new house would finish being built around January or February.  Now we are still getting a new house in the end of January but just in a different country.  It is strange how everything works out.  Often we do get what we want but in a completely different way than we expect.

All in all I am glad 2017 is coming to an end.  There we many times, mostly when we were all living in a hotel, when I just wanted to skip to 2018.  Last year was very eventful for us I'm hoping next year will be a little less eventful.

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Mary-Anne said...

That's funny, I just said the same thing, that I hope 2018 will be less eventful for me too! I guess we did a lot of the same things - had a baby and moved, although your move was way more difficult, I'm sure! Hope you guys had a fun New Year's! We missed seeing you!