Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Pre Christmas Festivities

I felt like we had to work extra hard this year to get into the Christmas spirit.  One of the reasons being the fact that we moved and many of our usual traditions are no longer available.  That being said we couldn't let a year go by without the kids acting out the nativity at least one time. 
Above you can see Penelope and Scarlett were angels, Leon was a shepherd, and below Tucker was a wiseman.

We had fun making several Christmas cookies.  These peanut butter reindeer were my personal favorite.

We watched a ton of Christmas movies.  I was really disappointed in the amount of swearing in the movies.  So many I feel like I can't let my kids watch next year because of the language.  Why do they have to ruin movies that way? 
I discovered my new favorite youtube channel where they have videos teaching kids to draw.  It is really easy to follow and just perfect.  We spend time drawing the nativity characters.  The first two are Tucker's drawings.

These next two were Penelope's.

This one is Scarlett's.
And the last one is mine.  I probably enjoyed it the most.  Leon had some too but didn't have the patience to finish any of his nor did he hang them up so they got lost.
I am really impressed by the kids drawings.  They made the directions so perfect I think the kids were even amazed at how good their pictures turned out.

I purchased these handbells off a facebook group and they were perfect.  We spent at least an hour trying to play Christmas songs.  The kids lo-o-ved it.

I did miss out on matching Christmas pajamas and matching Christmas church clothes.  I'll make sure to do that next year.


Carrie Anderson said...

What youtube channel is it? That sounds like something my kids would love too!

Pamela Graham said...

Loved, loved loved your handbell rendition - gorgeous family

Happy New Year