Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas Morning

After the kids were in bed on Christmas Eve while Bob and I were getting everything ready for the next day we heard a knock on the door.  I was a little surprised because it was night and we don't know very many people.  When we opened the door it was none  other than Santa holding presents!  Seriously, remember how I said our neighbor is Santa?  He came over on Christmas Eve and brought presents for the kids. We really have the nicest neighbors.  It was just kind of crazy to me that while the kids were in bed on the night before Christmas Santa actually came over and brought presents.   We didn't get the kids up, we just put the presents under the tree.

Christmas morning is so much fun!  I'm not sure who enjoys it more, the kids getting their presents or the parents watching their excitement.
 After the kids came down and opened their stockings we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Tucker reminded me about a week earlier that it was one of our traditions.  I didn't know it was a tradition but I guess I did make them on Christmas morning before.  So I guess now it is one of our traditions.  Then we opened presents.

 Bob filmed the majority of it and sped it up to one minute.  Check it out.

I like to get the kids four presents each, something to wear, something to read, something they want, and something they need.  It helps to not go overboard with presents but they still have a good amount to open and this way they aren't all toys.  It also helps me to keep it all even.

Calista seemed to enjoy her present bag most of all.

These magna tiles were a huge hit.  I already purchased more because we didn't seem to have enough.

Later after all the playing died down we went to the park to get some fresh air.
It was beautiful outside and probably in the 50's. 


Gayle Daly said...

Wear, read, want need - AWESOME tradition for gifts.

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