Monday, December 4, 2017

Harajuku Day 1

We made another day trip up to Tokyo, this time to explore the Harajuku area.  They are known for their outlandish style so we decided to dress up as closely to what they would wear as we could.  It was a little hard working with what we packed in our suitcases but we did ok. 
We were a little boring compared to these people:
Someone did stop us and ask to take my picture for a school project because they like my hair and fashion.  I'm not sure how sincere they were but I let them take the picture anyway.
Once we got to Tokyo we made a few stops before hitting up the super crowded and famous Takeshita street.
Japan has the prettiest fall colors!  I'm used to evergreens everywhere so these are just beautiful to me.

We had a late breakfast at eggs and things.  This was a few people's favorite part of the day.  The food was really good and so much fun!  Leon was really concentrating hard while putting the frosting on his pancake.
Penelope had whip cream and cream cheese and strawberry pancakes.
Scarlett needs just a bit more whip cream don' cha think?
Next we went to this fun shopping mall.
It had a garden area at the top with a great view of the city.
This street performer was pretty funny.  I don't think I've seen that sort of side puppet before.
Now onto the Meiji Shrine.  Shrine sizes in Japan vary greatly and this one was huge.  First you walk through this beautiful park to get to it.  I'm so glad we came in the fall.
I love the little kids dressed up.
We even got to see a wedding march.  I saw a couple of brides here so it must be a very popular place to get married.
And now for the crazy part of the day.

I'd say it was a little bit crowded.  Amazingly no one got lost the whole time we were there.  I wasn't even worried about it.  We stand out quit a bit here in Japan so scanning the crowd for red or blonde hair is supper easy.
We spent a couple hours just going in all the shops.  Bob found a cell phone case that was almost big enough.  If you actually had this on your phone you would never be able to fit it in your pocket and you'd have to have a big purse.  The upside would be that you wouldn't ever loose it.

Platforms anyone?

The kids found a robot friend.
The kids ended up buying Christmas presents for each other and I got a pair of shoes and some socks.  I could have spent a lot longer trying clothes on.  But I don't think anyone else in our family would have had the patients for that.  Tomorrow I'll post where we ate dinner, it was intense.

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