Monday, January 29, 2018

Kinugasayama Park

It has been freezing outside lately, like literally zero degrees Celsius (I'm not sure if I'll ever get used to not using Fahrenheit), but we are making sure to get out and explore anyway.  I'll be so happy when we get all of our stuff and Penelope can have her warm coat again.  She wore a sweatshirt and her coat and gloves but was still almost in tears during the hike at one point because she was so cold.

We went with our hiking group to Kinugasayama Park.  It's a charming park with plenty of trails and little wooden animals everywhere. 

When we first got to the lookout spot the children found these awesome icecles growing straight into the ground.  This piece tucker is holding he actually flipped it over for the picture, so the ice was growing straight down.  They were so thin and fine.  I've never seen anything like it.  Nature is cool.
I held a couple in my fingers to make sure they were ice and after rubbing for a second they melted away.

I only took pictures of a couple animal sculptures.  Scarlett was happy to pose for me.

I gave Penelope my scarf because she was frozen like a popsicle.

The kids were excited when we got to the playground.
I walked around the corner and Japan surprised me once again.  I've never seen anything like this at a kids playground before.  Tucker and Penelope loved it!  Scarlett even got into it after a while, but it was a little hard for Leon. 

Calista and I kept walking around to keep warm.
On the way back Penelope and I took the longer path to get a picture of this Koala, my favorite.

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