Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Calista 9 Months

Calista is nine months old!  To me she has grown so much over the last month.  She finally sleeps through the night!  She goes to bed around eight and wakes up to eat sometime between four and six, after which she usually goes back to sleep for a couple more hours.  It is amazing!

Calista likes clapping, she gets so excited that she can do it that she smiles so big when anyone claps around her.  She loves baby food and now wants to eat real food whenever others are eating.  I put vaseline on there because she really likes to play with my container of vaseline, I'm not sure why.  Calista has learned the game of dropping things and then making others pick it up for her so she can drop it again.  She loves to grab the face/neck of whomever is holding her and just really squeeze.  Her nails get sharp and it hurts.  She also is getting better at her walker and sometimes it seems like she is moving to the places she wants to go on purpose.
Calista does not like strangers or getting her nose wiped.  She seemed to have a cold that lasted forever.  Anytime I tried to wipe her nose she acted like I was trying to hurt her and fought as hard as she could not to let me wipe her face.
I love this dress and will be sad to see it go.  It is size three months though so this will be her last time wearing it.  I had to make it last as long as possible because most of her bigger dresses are packed away.  Everything I previously bought for her that was size six months she won't use at all because they are packed and she is now in nine month clothing.
Calista once again did amazing for the pictures.  I think she is learning that if she just smiles and looks at the camera we can be done faster.  Maybe she should teach the other kids that.
Calista does not crawl or really get on her hands and knees, but I suspect she will soon.  She has really started to reach for things and I can see she wants to go places.  Things get hard once a baby can crawl so I am just fine with her taking her time on this.  She also doesn't have any teeth.  I thought all my other kids had teeth by now so every day I keep feeling in her mouth and trying to look for teeth.  She loves it (just kidding, it's almost as bad as the nose wiping to her).
I really feel like things have gotten easier this past month.  The sleeping makes a huge difference and now that she is really good at sitting if I give her enough toys she will sit and play with them for a bit before insisting I pick her up.  It is great!

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Gayle Daly said...

I'm so happy to hear she is sleeping thru the night. They say the longer it takes for teeth to come in, they healthier their teeth are. So that's a good sign!!!