Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Swimming Fun

One thing I love about living here in Japan is the free gym access.  There are two good size gyms that are free that we can go to pretty much whenever we want.  I guess Bob had that back in Washington, but I never did.  There are group classes that you can pay for but there are a couple free ones as well.  We took a break from swim lessons for a couple months but I wanted the kids to keep up with what they already learned so we took them to the pool a couple times.
Everyone loved it except for Calista.  She seemed kind of confused and upset most of the time.  By the end both times she started experimenting with the water on her hand but that was about it.  I'm sure if we took her more regularly she would like it, but honestly that isn't going to happen.
At first I thought I would just teach them to swim and it would be just as good as the lessons.  I was wrong, just because I've watched the kids participate in swimming lessons does not mean I know how to teach them.  My attempt at lessons didn't go well, but they had so much fun just playing around in the water, I think that helped them with their skills just as much as my teaching would have.  Sometimes just having fun in the water is all it takes.
We just signed up for a new homeschool swimming class during the days that I'm really excited about.  It will be once a week and I hope the kids can make some friends along the way.

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Gayle Daly said...

I would imagine Calista doesn't like the cold water most of all.