Friday, February 23, 2018

Cafe Sizuku Kamakura

We went with friends a few weeks back to the cutest cafe in Kamakura.  It's called Cafe Sizuku and they will make any design you want on your hot chocolate.  It is very small inside though and only has a couple tables so we had to wait outside.  Our party of 10 almost filled the place.
They have not only hot chocolate but a small selection of food.  I love the plates!

Check out these designs.

The drinks were a bit expensive and they took a while to come but that is to be expected since each one is hand drawn.  I would definitly go again, but I wouldn't get food to eat.  Just the hot chocolate and I would be prepared to wait a bit with the kids.  I was a little stressed while we were there because I felt like we were being too loud most of the time.  But they looked so cool it was worth it.

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