Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Calista 10 Month Photography

The last two months she did amazing for her pictures but that was not the case today!  Now that this girl can move she won't stop.  For this picture I set up the sign, put her down and dashed to my camera which I had ready and then snapped the pic about 10 seconds before she slammed the sign down knocking off a third of the letters.
Calista likes scooting, getting things, army crawling, yogurt, and eating crumbs off the floor.  She will scoot all around now and is so happy about it.  Once in a while she will fall down after which she will proceed to army crawl around.  I don't think she minds either but she seems to prefer scooting and the girls are quick to swoop her up when she falls so I'm not sure if she will get much better at crawling.  She thinks it is funny to scoot away from us.  She spent one of Tucker's entire basketball practices trying to scoot onto the court.  Everytime she got passed the line I or Scarlett would pull her back and she would take off again, looking over her shoulder smiling at us to make sure we were watching her.
She also likes to eat any crumbs she can find on the floor and with four older siblings she finds plenty.  One time I found the kids "accidentally" dropping big pieces of their brownies on the floor and then laughing about how much she liked them. 
I've found she doesn't like to eat green beans, I'm not sure why but she pushes the mushed green beans out of her mouth even though she likes pretty much everything else.  She also doesn't like showers.  She has this bad habit of pooping a ton in her crib.  So much that it is pretty much everywhere and she needs a shower right away.  She hates it and it isn't fun for me either.  This probably happens at least once a week.

These next pictures aren't that great but I wanted to share them because they show a little bit about how things went.  She scooted around and wouldn't hold still for the camera.   

I even took things away so she would have nothing to play with but that didn't stop her.

I love this girl and  I'm not going to lie, she is getting more and more fun the older she gets.

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Mary-Anne said...

She is so cute!! Her eyes are so pretty! Jonathan is the same way. He won't sit still and is into EVERYTHING!