Thursday, March 8, 2018

100th Day of Homeschool

Ok, so it wasn't technically our 100th day of homeschool.  In one sense we do homeschool everyday so we are way past 100, but in another sense we skip our more "formal" schooling days often so we probably aren't to 100 days in our books yet.  Kids at public school were doing their 100th day last week so we decided to do ours at home now too.
In my opinion dressing up is the best part.
Penelope was more happy to dress up this year because we weren't going anywhere.  She even asked me if she had to go somewhere like this.  I told her she didn't and that helped.  Although she was still not happy about the "wrinkles" and she was the most resistant about it.
I tried to put fake curlers in Scarlett's hair because I don't actually have any.
I love how Leon is wearing a bathrobe.  He love is pajamas and would be happy to wear this everyday. 
Tucker wanted the umbrella for a cane.

After dressing up the kids make their classic 100 fruit loop necklaces.

Then we saw how far away from our house we could get in 100 steps.

Then the kids saw what they could make with 100 legos.
I didn't get pictures of everything, but we also drew pictures of ourselves at 100 years old, did 100 jumping jacks, tried a 100 second staring contest and tried holding our breath for 100 seconds.  It was very hard for everyone, I could only make it 40 seconds and I felt like I was dying.  Scarlett somehow made the who 100 and she said it wasn't even hard, she even managed to take a drink while holding her breath :)

We had a fun day!

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