Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kappabashi Street and Senso-ji

A couple weeks ago we spent a Saturday up in Tokyo.  I wanted to check out Kappabashi Street which is a fun street full of kitchen shops.  Just tons and tons of stores that have everything a restaurant owner would need.
It takes us about an hour and a half to get to Tokyo, depending on the area, by train.  We pretty much never drive to Tokyo because of the cost of tolls and parking.  It might be worth it sometimes though because we do have to buy several train tickets these days.

It was cold that day, but it warmed up quite a bit since then.  I was just outside without a coat and felt great!

Before we got to Kappabashi Street we went to see the Senso-ji temple.  

I feel like we've seen a ton of temples and shrines here in Japan and this was a big one.  

I didn't take very many pictures of the kitchen shops.  But here is one of tons of cookie cutters.
Fake food is pretty common here in Japan.  Most restaurants have plastic displays of the food they serve.  We found a shop where you can buy the fake food and even sign up for a class to make it.
Some of the "food" was pretty appetizing.

While walking around we saw another Owl Cafe.
There are so many different KitKat flavors here in Japan.  These orange ones have got to be one of my favorites.  They totally blew the strawberry KitKats out of the water.

We saw a Panda Cafe on our walk back to the train station.  We didn't end up eating there, and they do no have real pandas.
I think they only things we bought were a frosting bag and a dish to keep our keys in.  It was nice to get outside and explore Japan though.

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Gayle Daly said...

When we lived in Japan, we did take our girls to Disneyland. It was really super nice. You ought to do that while you are there. Totally worth it. It's so much nicer than California's Disneyland. Not as crowded and it has everything the same - bigger - cleaner. I'm sure you know you can get discounted tickets through the shipyard.